Smarter Waste Collection

Stop stressing out, wondering if your trash collection process is efficient
Let Hygiea do the work for you

The Problem(s)

Custodians don’t know when a certain trash can is full or not and are therefore wasting a significant amount of time and resource (indirectly money!) picking up trash when it’s half-filled or barely filled. Sometimes, they don’t know if a trash can is overflowing, which causes hygiene issues and disturbs your customers.

Outside, your dumpsters are filled less than 60% seven out of ten times the trash truck comes to pick it. This is a waste of time, money and resources.

Introducing Hygiea

With Hygiea, you can monitor the level of trash in any given can and know how frequently and quickly a certain can gets full. Hygiea can also predict when it’s time for a certain trash can to get full based on historical trends! We help you boost efficiency in your workforce..
We are the world's first solution designed from scratch for indoor and outdoor applications.


How it works

Why Hygiea ?

Easy to use

Simple intuitive design helps you get along instantly; Hygiea is your friend!

Cloud Hosted

Access your dashboard from any internet-connected device

Simple Pricing

Pay per container per month. Add more sensors anytime, Unlimited software access

Universal mounting

Have weird looking bins? We have you covered! hyTHING are designed go on any kind of bin out there.


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