Saiman Shetty, Chief Executive Officer

Saiman Shetty is the co-founder of Hygiea, and manages all product architecture and design. His experience comes from designing control systems for critical Powertrain Manufacturing Operations at high growth companies like Tesla. Previously, he has led the controls engineering teams at several manufacturing equipment integration companies. Having a Master's degree in Electrical Engineering from Arizona State University, Saiman loves to find ways to blend the concept of design and engineering into the processes of everyday life.

Parshad 'Patrick' Patel, Chief Technical Officer

Patrick is also the co-founder of Hygiea, and manages hardware design and product integration. He is a serial entrepreneur who has founded successful companies in such as Aries Automation and Aurora Solutions, in the area of industrial automation and educational technology. He has extensive experience in hardware and firmware development.

George Palmer, Operations and Finance Strategy

George is a seasoned professional who served as VP of operations in several electronics and chip manufacturing firms in Silicon Valley. With his degree from UC Berkeley, and more than 2 decades of experience, he helps Hygiea have one of the world's most advanced operations strategy.

Pooja Addla Hari, Business Development Associate

Pooja is a student of Technology and Entrepreneurship at Arizona State University, and she manages the day-to-day business development activities at Hygiea. An author herself, she has already published a best seller and brings her knowledge and people skills to work everyday!

Surya Iyer, Business Development Manager

Surya is a masters student at the Technology and Entrepreneurship Department at Arizona State University, and manages the day-to-day Business Development activities at Hygiea. An entrepreneur himself, he has extensive experience starting and managing a service based business and brings his exceptional social and public skills to work everyday